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Ugly Duckling Nails


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If you rely on your e-file, it's always a great idea to have a spare handpiece. Don't find yourself stuck if you need repairs and maintenance!

  • Quiet, high torque micromotor
  • Up to 30,000rpm
  • Includes 10 Dust protectors (not pictured)
  • We also offer a selection of e-file bits.
Q: Is my UD E-file covered under warranty?
A: Yes, Ugly Duckling e-files come with a 1 year Limited Warranty for manufacture defects. After 6 months only with proof of servicing. If the handpiece has been opened other than by a professional, the warranty becomes void. The unit includes 10 Dust protectors - dust protectors must be used for warranty to be valid.
Q: How often should I get my handpiece serviced?
A: It's recommended to have your handpiece serviced & cleaned every 6 months. Just like your car, your handpiece needs regular maintenance for optimal running!
Q: Can I service my handpiece myself?
A: All Ugly Duckling handpieces come with a one-year limited warranty that will become void if the handpiece is opened by anyone other than our "e-file guy" Jason, or another trained professional with experience in small motors. If the handpiece is opened by a non-professional, it will no longer be covered by the one-year limited warranty.