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Ugly Duckling Nails


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No need to struggle creating beautiful ombré nails. Ugly Duckling's "deer foot" shaped Ombré brush is the perfect length and density to create beautiful blends with pigments!

It's also the perfect companion for pressing pigment & glitter into the inhibition layer of your cured gel polish & color gels!

Q: Why is my brush head stiff right out of the package?
A: Our brushes are shipped with a starch mixture applied to the bristles to ensure their shape is held until you are ready to use them. It's extremely important to prep your new brush(es) properly before use: Gently work the bristles back and forth using a lint-free wipe, piece of paper towel, or a clean orange wood stick to gently break up the starch. While doing this, you will notice small particles falling from the brush head, continue working the brush head back and forth until there are little to no particles falling. Once the starch is free from the brush, prep your new Detailer Brush by working the brush head back and forth in a small amount Tacky Top or No Wipe to "season" the bristles. FOR PREMIUM CRYSTAL BRUSHES: Gently replace the cap after each use to avoid any exposure to UV/LED light. FOR PEARL WOOD BRUSHES: Immediately store brush(es) in a dark place away from exposure to UV/LED light to avoid the risk of the brush head curing.
Q: Help! What's the best way to clean my art brushes?
A: As our art brushes are very fine and delicate, we suggest trying to avoid using alcohol and gel cleanse on them as much as possible: using too much of these products can be quite drying to the bristles and can lead to a frayed brush. The best way to keep your brush clean while maintaining its shape is to wipe off excess product with a clean, lint-free wipe or piece of paper towel, then gently roll the brush head in Tacky Top or No Wipe to help pull out any residual product left behind. After you gently roll the brush back in to shape, carefully replace the lid* and store in your Ugly Duckling Brush Case. *Please Note: only Premium Crystal brushes come with brush lids. For Pearl Wood brushes, please store in a dark place, away from exposure to UV/LED light to avoid curing your brush bristles.